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The first SVBIED attack using a modified BMP-1 armored personnel carrier in the Syrian civil war. Jabhat al-Nusra used it to attack a loyalist checkpoint in Daraa al-Balad on June 27, 2013 - h/t @E_of_Justice@twitter.com

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This pint-sized is NASA`S newest space rover
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The world’s first autonomous bricklaying robot can build a three bed, two bath home in under three days. 🏠

Find more at bit.ly/30OWbEp

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We have successfully delivered an updated tracking system for command and control to the @NATO_KFOR@twitter.com.

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GaardTech’s first consumable Multi-Role UGV.

High speed all terrain movement and equiped for autonomous targeting.

- Goliath mode to destroy tanks and AFV’s.
- Chariot mode to target dismounts
- Gaard mode for flank and choke point ISR

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De MinR geeft groen licht voor de verwerving van 322 Commando en Liaison Voertuigen (CLV). Het Amerikaanse OSHKOSH haalde het contract ter waarde van 135 miljoen euro binnen met zijn Joint Light Tactical Vehicle De levering van de eerste voertuigen wordt in 2023 verwacht.

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As part of the RABE project, FLIR's FirstLook UGV is transported in a waterproof backpack on a diving suit for use in the marine environment. The control unit is packed in a chest mount.

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Small Milos (Milos N - combat UGV) was demonstrated exiting from a transport helicopter to the front line with accompanying units in Serbia. Milos L (Logistics UGV) was demonstrated as well as a CASEVAC configuration.

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De nouveaux matériels dans le collimateur de l’armée de Terre

➡️Des appareils respiratoires QRK & Hybrid Patriot 5510 acquis "à titre expérimental"


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