@jwildeboer Have you given already a go? Does exactly this (markdown), very light footprint and is an actor for activitypub so users can easily follow your blog. Works great IMHO. Here's an example...blog.franssen.xyz/adventures-i

🇨🇳La mise en circulation de trains de marchandises entre Shenzhen et Duisburg signale le développement exponentiel du fret en provenance de Chine. Dans le cadre des nouvelles routes de la soie, les lignes se multiplient. courrierinternational.com/revu

This Week in Matrix is out now! Learn about the new Android SDK, Spec news, server updates, encrypted bridges (!) and more #twim #matrix #decentralization matrix.org/blog/2020/09/18/thi

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The first SVBIED attack using a modified BMP-1 armored personnel carrier in the Syrian civil war. Jabhat al-Nusra used it to attack a loyalist checkpoint in Daraa al-Balad on June 27, 2013 - h/t @E_of_Justice@twitter.com

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@PINE64 not gonna lie, this level of transparency and expediency makes me want a Pinephone even more. I’m currently torn between Pinephone and Graphene. This is a big point in your favor. Definitely planning to grab a Pinetab soon though.

Today, September 17th, is the birthday of the Linux kernel 0.0.1! Happy birthday, Linux!

Kiwix makes FOSS software for easy offline browsing of Wikipedia, Project Gutenberg and other repositories of knowledge. You can follow at:

➡️ @kiwix

It makes knowledge available to you even if your internet connection is broken, shut down or restricted.

Kiwix is available for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows from kiwix.org

There's also Kiwix Hotspot, which lets you provide offline content to anyone on your wifi network.

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system 5 ou 500 ? 

@olm massages logfile seems much more interesting than the /var/log/messages

It's adorable that folks in the UK are concerned NVidia's purchase of ARM will wrestle ARM from the UK and bring it over to the USA.

I mean, what were you thinking when you sold it to Softbank? Did you have covenants in place that Softbank wouldn't sell it to someone else and strip away the UK identity from ARM?

Companies just see an asset, not a legacy. Don't sell legacies if you don't want them pulled apart and sold for scrap when they're no longer useful to their new owners.

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This pint-sized is NASA`S newest space rover
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#BOFH excuse #196:

Me no internet, only janitor, me just wax floors.

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The world’s first autonomous bricklaying robot can build a three bed, two bath home in under three days. 🏠

Find more at bit.ly/30OWbEp

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We have successfully delivered an updated tracking system for command and control to the @NATO_KFOR@twitter.com.

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