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Een gelukkige verjaardag, Sire!

Vandaag viert onze Opperbevelhebber zijn 61ste verjaardag.

De Landcomponent wenst Zijne Majesteit de Koning van harte te feliciteren.

#MonarchieBe @MonarchieBe


Notre commandant en chef cรฉlรจbre aujourdโ€™hui son 61รจme anniversaire. La Marine souhaite de tout cล“ur un trรจs heureux anniversaire ร  Sa Majestรฉ le Roi /
Vandaag viert onze opperbevelhebber zijn 61ste verjaardag. De Marine wenst Zijne Majesteit de Koning van harte te feliciteren.


The Optio-X20 (Milrem Robotics' #THeMIS #UGV + #Nexter's #ARX20 #RWS) was tested by the French army in defensive and offensive actions. The Optio-X20 is capable of eliminating targets protected up to level 4 (#STANAG).

Check out the outdoor-indoor positioning product developed by our @KMS_ERM_RMA colleagues from the #RF lab:

A vital element of transforming military forces - in any era - is the conduct of experiments on new ideas and organisations. This validates new forms of warfighting and also gives military personnel confidence in new approaches to their profession.

Die uitleg over het blokkeren van Tom Van Grieken toont nog maar eens hoe willekeur heerst bij Twitter.

Het is niet nodig dit soort arbitraire "moderatie" te pikken, de #fediverse bestaat en werkt goed, zie bijvoorbeeldโ€ฆ
Yami no senshi mastodon (AP)
ich bin Deutscher und verstehe das alles. Viele Niederlรคndische Wรถrter sind gleich oder รคhnlich

Shark Robotics Barakuda UGV, fitted with ballistic shield, used as a marsupial for the tracked Nexter Nerva LG UGV. Throughout the exercises the Barakuda has also been used to carry wounded soldiers as a CASEVAC.
#ugv #unmanned #robotics #france #experimentation #training

General Dynamics readies its Tracked Robot 10-Ton (TRX) for the US Army's Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) effort in 2022
#ugv #unmannedvehicles #unmanned #robotics #researchdevelopment #unitedstates #usarmy

This seizes on a point I raised years ago on the definition of operational art. Don't constrain the concept to the operational level of war: "Operational art, as with any art form, is about creative thinking and innovative problem-solving."

Europese samenwerking is zeker relevant. Maar het gaat niet op dat regio's als Vlaanderen de ene dag roepen hoe groot en geweldig zij niet zijn, en zeggen dat ze slechts een "speldenprik" zijn als ze hun verantwoordelijkheid moeten nemen.

"Integrating UGVs into combat formations prior to the arrival of full autonomy will allow Soldiers and leaders to develop and refine the necessary doctrine and tactics, techniques, and procedures required to effectively employ UGVs on future battlefields."

@WarintheFuture @BulletinAtomic Great Mad Sci piece by this same author.

120 mm barrel launched UAV, this time the Horus fired from an Ariete. Launching kit takes up a bit of space, but a valuable capability to experiment with

โ€ข Stupidity:
You think you know everything, without questioning.

โ€ข Intelligence:
You question everything you think you know.

#VBAE : la piste europรฉenne se concrรฉtise

โžก๏ธLe successeur du VBL pourrait se matรฉrialiser dans le cadre du projet FAMOUS, pour lequel plusieurs pays europรฉens dont la ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท & la ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ช ont signรฉ une lettre d'intention fin 2020

Als blanke fils a papa's rel schoppen en hun voeten vegen aan de regels noemt men het "burgerlijke ongehoorzaamheid". Als paar "allochtonen" paar kilometer verder hetzelfde hadden gedaan had men moord en brand geschreeuwd. Of niet soms?


@Daan Franssen
BREAKING: Mathematicians have found an exact fraction that equals Pi, thereby disproving the long-standing conjecture that Pi is irrational. We now know that ฯ€ = 1783366216531/567663097408. Learn more at


Twitter's algorithms apparently thought that this ad would be interesting to me. #russia #softpower at work.

BREAKING: Mathematicians have found an exact fraction that equals Pi, thereby disproving the long-standing conjecture that Pi is irrational. We now know that ฯ€ = 1783366216531/567663097408. Learn more at


General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) will begin delivering โ€˜robotic mulesโ€™ to the US Army in April for final testing as part of the SMET programme.
#ugv #army #testing #innovation #unmanned #robotics #unmannedvehicles #usarmy #autonomousvehicles #smet

๐Ÿ“ขGreat News !

We are pleased to announce the accession of ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡ชMontenegro becoming the 23rd Member State of @FinabelEAIC.

The beginning of a gainful and insightful cooperation for years to come ๐Ÿ‘

#Finabel #23rdMember #Cooperation


Love this continuing expression of positivity from @GurdeepPandher - he is a daily dose of joy (and amazing Canadian scenery) that always inspires.

Aujourdโ€™hui, nous vous prรฉsentons notre robot tactique polyvalent 100% รฉlectrique et silencieux.
Grรขce ร  son gabarit, il sโ€™adapte aux contraintes du combat dรฉbarquรฉ et peut accompagner le fantassin sur tous les terrains. #Robotics


Our @USArmy researchers developed a way for rotary wing unmanned air vehicles to land on moving unmanned ground vehicles without GPS -- and recharge before the next mission! @armyfutures @usarmy_devcom

3D-printing zal ook kunnen aan boord van de schepen van de Belgische en Nederlandse Marine, en elders in Defensie.

Al moet ik jammer genoeg wel toegeven dat onze logge procedures niet echt aangepast zijn aan dit soort snelle technologische evoluties...

โœ…Third simulation trial for @EU_OCEAN2020

12 #simulation centers from across #Europe linked together to run specific scenarios in real time

3โƒฃ trials crucial in preparing live sea demonstrations & run complex scenarios impossible to execute in real-life

Nextโญ๏ธBaltic Sea demo

Once again, #LandPower responds to dig the Navy out of a jam! No reward worth its salt is #EverGiven out for free!

Isn't that right, @NATO_MARCOM ? ๐Ÿ˜

(#GoArmy #BeatNavy)


Some random pictures of ammunition pallets, because reasons



Want to know more about the development of European Unmanned Ground Systems? Apply for the #EUGS seminar by the Estonian Centre for Defence Investment (#ECDI). Connected with the #EDIDP 32.6 MEUR project #iMUGS led by us.


Gisteren hebben we op het terrein van DOVO in Poelkapelle een @VLINDER_project weerstation geรฏnstalleerd.

Dit zal ons helpen bij onze studie naar het opwerpen van fijn stof door explosies, en vanzelfsprekend worden de gegevens geรฏntegreerd in het VLINDER netwerk. Win-win dus!


Dutch army 13 light brigade testing Boston Dynamics' ''Spot''.



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