#ADASI from #UAE has developed #RASH #2M to convert #mortar #ammunition to precision-#guided #munition

Today's information is mainly conveyed through flat screens. But VR technology is on the rise. Will it disrupt the information environment, and how? Join the discussion atโ€ฆ
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The platform is designed to carry out ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) and operate autonomously.

The CVR(T) prototype left the Alvis factory on January 23rd, 1969. Its replacement, Ajax, is yet to enter service


"The prototype was developed in just nine months which, for comparison, is faster than the @USArmy's development and rollout of standardized facemasks."

Cognition is the foundation of human behavior, and it is a target under permanent assaults. Join this project, share insights, learn from experts, and develop new solutions to improve COGNITION. #innovation #neuroscience #decisionmaking #psychology #media


From a empty field to 4 months. Phase 1 of the Defence BattleLab is now complete!




A la dรฉcouverte d'un gestionnaire de mots de passe en ligne #Bitwarden.

Je l'aime beaucoup et disponible pour self hosting avec @YunoHost

You van follow them at @Vivaldi (unofficial Twitter bot)

I want to make a FOSS clone of

Who's in?
seems something @Framasoft could help with

A dogโ€™s age is not 7 times human age, but: 16(ln(dogโ€™s age))+31. Itโ€™s a natural logarithmic curve, so a 1-year old dog is about 31 in human years, and a 10-year old is about 68. (Link has calculator!)

Original tweet :

@Kobe @robbe

This first THeMIS has been delivered to Australia to XTEK Ltd as part of a Semi-Autonomous Combat Team (SACT) Dismounted Infantry Concept
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Get ready for a new #dock by @Beelinkofficial working just fine with the #PinePhone ...


The first in our new series of robotic combat vehicle posters, inspired by the posters of the WWII era.

@Ross_Coffman @armyfutures @USArmy @Textron #Robots #RCV #posters #WWII #USArmy


Four Probot logistic UGVs have arrived on the Operational Desert Platform Camp (PfOD) in Gao, Mali for first experimentation for OPEX.
#ugv #unmannedvehicles #robot #military #training #experimentation #france #israel #mali #barkhane #opex #marines #infantry



Got a meeting today? Here's something to keep you awake and engaged. #DailyDM


Een gelukkige verjaardag, Sire!

Vandaag viert onze Opperbevelhebber zijn 61ste verjaardag.

De Landcomponent wenst Zijne Majesteit de Koning van harte te feliciteren.

#MonarchieBe @MonarchieBe


Notre commandant en chef cรฉlรจbre aujourdโ€™hui son 61รจme anniversaire. La Marine souhaite de tout cล“ur un trรจs heureux anniversaire ร  Sa Majestรฉ le Roi /
Vandaag viert onze opperbevelhebber zijn 61ste verjaardag. De Marine wenst Zijne Majesteit de Koning van harte te feliciteren.


The Optio-X20 (Milrem Robotics' #THeMIS #UGV + #Nexter's #ARX20 #RWS) was tested by the French army in defensive and offensive actions. The Optio-X20 is capable of eliminating targets protected up to level 4 (#STANAG).

Check out the outdoor-indoor positioning product developed by our @KMS_ERM_RMA colleagues from the #RF lab:

A vital element of transforming military forces - in any era - is the conduct of experiments on new ideas and organisations. This validates new forms of warfighting and also gives military personnel confidence in new approaches to their profession.

Die uitleg over het blokkeren van Tom Van Grieken toont nog maar eens hoe willekeur heerst bij Twitter.

Het is niet nodig dit soort arbitraire "moderatie" te pikken, de #fediverse bestaat en werkt goed, zie bijvoorbeeldโ€ฆ
Yami no senshi mastodon (AP)
ich bin Deutscher und verstehe das alles. Viele Niederlรคndische Wรถrter sind gleich oder รคhnlich

Shark Robotics Barakuda UGV, fitted with ballistic shield, used as a marsupial for the tracked Nexter Nerva LG UGV. Throughout the exercises the Barakuda has also been used to carry wounded soldiers as a CASEVAC.
#ugv #unmanned #robotics #france #experimentation #training

General Dynamics readies its Tracked Robot 10-Ton (TRX) for the US Army's Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) effort in 2022
#ugv #unmannedvehicles #unmanned #robotics #researchdevelopment #unitedstates #usarmy

This seizes on a point I raised years ago on the definition of operational art. Don't constrain the concept to the operational level of war: "Operational art, as with any art form, is about creative thinking and innovative problem-solving."

Europese samenwerking is zeker relevant. Maar het gaat niet op dat regio's als Vlaanderen de ene dag roepen hoe groot en geweldig zij niet zijn, en zeggen dat ze slechts een "speldenprik" zijn als ze hun verantwoordelijkheid moeten nemen.

"Integrating UGVs into combat formations prior to the arrival of full autonomy will allow Soldiers and leaders to develop and refine the necessary doctrine and tactics, techniques, and procedures required to effectively employ UGVs on future battlefields."
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