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In one week time, @FinabelEAIC will host a Free Webinar on "Land Forces Modernisation" in the presence of knowledgeable experts as honoured speakers on March 23rd, 14:00 CET.

Register now & receive your Attendance Certificate:

8 jaar geleden werd @CoderDojoBe, onder impuls van @MartineTempels geboren!
Vandaag telt Belgiรซ 150 Dojo's, jaarlijks ruim 1900 vrijwilligers en 18000 kinderen (prรฉ-Covid).
Hiep hiep hoera @CoderDojoBe, maar nog meer aan de fantastische Community die dit mogelijk maken!


Delighted to reveal our latest collaboration with @HIPPOmultipower
60kg vehicle-portable bridge for payloads up to 3Tonnes
Trialled at CSS TDU
#EasiBridge #GetOverIt
@thinkdefence @thepagey @nicholadrummond @towersight @AbraxasSpa @Marsattaqueblog @MvrSp @jedpc @TotherChris @USMC




Kobe friendica
Hoe veel horsepower heeft dat?

"Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program"

-- Milton Friedman

Let me borrow & slightly rephrase this: nothing is so permanent as #reforms (which should be by definition temporary) @Belgium_Defence

Since PeerTube lacks a chat feature during live streams, I made something to work around this issue:

Fill in the form and you'll get to a page that shows your stream along with a chat via The Lounge. Share the URL of that page with your watchers.

Source is available here:

@Bart Janssens ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ช

Weer een vlotte bestelling op de site van @Belgian Defence. Deze keer voor de artikelen in eerste dotatie, die er veelbelovend uitzien. Heel mooie vooruitgang! #outsourcing

Google-free /e/ OS is now selling preloaded phones in the US, starting at $380โ€ฆ by @RonAmadeo

@epicfailshit Moet ik ook eens proberen bij Bram ๐Ÿ˜‚

"Space hurricane" seen hovering above Earth for the first time ever


@commandlinekid [nyc & upstate] The Ars Technica bot seems to be down? Last update from 04 Feb

Buying Miami property is like buying an iPhone, it will only depreciate in value and likely get water damage

The NATO-IST-149 working group, where @RasRma participates in, has received the 2021 #NATO IST Panel Team Excellence Award for its work on developing, facilitating, and implementing #standards for #UnmannedGroundVehicles (#ugv)


Have Daft Punk moved onto designing helicopters? #avgeek

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โ€œThe 18th Airborne Corps will host a live-fire experiment using #AI to share targeting data amongst Marine F-35s, Air Force A-10s, ground-based HIMARS rocket launchers, and commercial satellites.โ€

A power grid backed by 10 million Teslas is unlikely to be the top priority of most energy experts thinking about how to prevent future Texas-style crises. But maybe it should.

Fact of the Day: Every Super Army Soldier Sniper spends over 4hrs learning how to become invisible & blend into their surroundings so that the enemy will never know they are there until its too late!

Can you spot the sniper in this photo within 2hrs? If you can't you'd be dead!

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